Bank Accounts With Good Payments

You asked me to offer you a cheap or free bill with a high payment.

Here are some suggestions you might be interested in.

(If there was a announcement coming in a month or two, I worked on it and linked it. If you still have a good account package (which you can still claim) or you think something is wrong in the descriptions, write in the comments. )

Good Finance Bank: Okay4 is a good choice for more than 300 thousand USD revenue. The good news is that the amount can come in two installments, meaning that your spouse’s salary can be the other half. (The other condition is an average of USD 3 million of unpaid balance on the bank account, but I think nobody does this when its annual interest rate is at least USD 75 thousand.)

If you meet this condition, your monthly fee will be zero, otherwise $ 3.00.


The account package includes free standing and ad hoc transfers and direct debit orders up to a monthly amount of $ 400-400,000.

The SMS fee is 19 Ft / SMS.

A bank card is expensive, you have to pay $ 540 a month in addition to your yearly thousand forints, and you pay 15 thousand for your Good Finance World card every year.

Cash withdrawal fee is 650 USD + 0.6% transaction tax.

Another benefit is that the money deposited here is always considered new money, and now earns 2.5% on a 3-month deposit.

We can only switch your account for $ 4,500 if you want to switch to a cheaper account.

Good Finance Bank is an online bank, so we can’t make money and the branch network is quite small.


Budapest Bank Premium Plus Package: a monthly credit of USD 250,000 or a balance of USD 5 million. In this case the monthly fee will be USD 0 for electronic account statements and card payments of USD 30,000, otherwise USD 280.

If the condition is not fulfilled, the monthly fee is USD 3,150.

The cheapest credit card can be requested for an annual fee of USD 7,990, or USD 667 per month.

The transfer fee is 0.3% up to a maximum of USD 6,000 (ie the transaction tax)

Cash withdrawal is expensive 0.5% + 590 USD + 0.6% transaction tax.

Cash withdrawal is expensive 0.5% + 590 USD + 0.6% transaction tax.

I couldn’t find the SMS fee.

You can find the announcement here, under the link “Residential / Retail Account Management”.

GFI Bank: There is no separate premium account package, but the Online package is a competitive offer. If you receive at least $ 200 in your account and you transfer at least twice a month, your monthly fee will be $ 100, and your online transfer will be $ 0. The annual fee of the cheapest card is 2900 USD / year, that is 242 USD / month, the cash withdrawal fee from own ATM is 519 USD / occasion, up to a maximum of 200 thousand USD.

That is, your total cost is $ 557 per month, if you meet the conditions and all your transfers are free, cash withdrawals are not expensive. If you fail to meet your expectations in any given month, then the penalty is only $ 400 and not thousands. (Beware, if you accidentally end up with sick pay and don’t reach the monthly minimum, other banks will quickly pay you the increased monthly fee.)

Bill announcement here, card announcement here.


GITI Bank Priority Package: If you do not have a stock of 3 million, the monthly fee is USD 4,490 / month.

The first five withdrawals are free of charge, including the online transfer. The annual cost of the card is 6,990 USD, the SMS 440 USD / month. Announcement here.

In this case, the monthly fee will be replaced by the amount of interest you are missing out on, or the additional cost of the investment, at how much it will cost you at $ 3 million.

K&H Bank Premium Account Package :

If you have a bank savings of $ 5 million, or $ 3 million, if you are under 40 years of age and you do any of the following, you will be free to keep an account:

– A total savings of $ 15 million, or

500 000 USD monthly incoming transfer, maximum 3 installments, or

– Spending $ 100 on a credit card per month.

Spouses can pay together


Since two credit cards can be applied for and the spouses can pay together, one of the conditions is not so feasible.

If none of the second set of conditions is met, then the monthly fee is $ 2,500, or $ 5,000 if the first condition is not met.

Package includes two gold bankcards, 5 cash withdrawals for transaction tax (0.6%), 30 optional bank transaction fees per month (0.3%, max $ 6,000)

What I like about it:

– The two gold bank cards are also suitable for a family joint account, the bank cards come with travel insurance and you don’t have to pay extra for them, as with almost any other package.

– Spending a hundred thousand a month with two credit cards is not feasible, especially if you also pay the overhead card, where possible.

– No income credit is required, especially for entrepreneurs.

What you don’t like:

– You make a lot of money, if you don’t have 5 million in the bank, you shouldn’t ask for such an account package.

– Unfortunately, the transaction tax is always due.

– Be aware of the cost of your investment. If you have to buy mutual funds at a cost of 2% per annum, it will cost you $ 100,000 a year at 5 million forints. If you invest this money at ABC in ETFs at a 0.4% annual cost, the free account will cost 1.6%, which is $ 80,000 a year.

And if you choose a bank deposit, there will be a difference between the interest rate on the bank deposit and, say, the premium government bond, which is similar in size.

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