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Community of public interest, recognized by the authority, is a legal association with special privileges, in modern law there are, in the aspect of public law two kinds of corporations: with territorial jurisdiction and personal jurisdiction, the first are those that we can denominate as necessary legal persons, while the latter refer to a certain category or sector of persons.

Good Finance Credit


(to lend.) financial operation by which a bank or other similar institution provides money, by guarantee, or not, immediately or with the opening of a credit account. The borrower is obliged to return the loan amount on the agreed date and to meet the interest of the amounts that he has acquired, for the time of use of each one, being able to deliver to the lender funds that are deducted from the total loan amount.

Loan house . Contract by which a person delivers to another a thing with the following purposes: p ara to use it and then return (bailment); To consume it and then return it as much of the same species and quality (mutual).

Good Finance lender and lender

Person who gives money to another, who lends , is one of the many possibilities offered by the Good Finance Real Credit Corporation.

The average natural term ranges from 1 to 18 months of amortization , the interest rate varies depending on the valuation, the term, and the quality of the operation, mainly measured by its risk . The minimum applicable interest is 5% monthly on the borrowed capital.

Good Finance Legal Defender


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