Why do people seek money?

What is money? Paper ? Assets ? Energy ? Happiness ? Feature ? Each of these statements is true because its accuracy or incorrectness depends on how and in what situation it is looked at. Money is a means of payment in the form of special paper.

There has always been a correlation that the more money a person has, the more power they have

There has always been a correlation that the more money a person has, the more power they have

Money can influence a variety of processes so that there is a certain amount of energy that depends on the situation. If money can influence processes that can make people happy, it is also a source of happiness and happiness itself.

With these listed statements, which is money, it is understandable why people are so keen on it. If in the past people did not need money so much because they were able to provide everything they could buy for money nowadays on their own, nowadays life without money is almost unimaginable.

Of course, there are still groups of mankind, or rather, tribes, in which people are very well off without money, but in this case we are talking about civilization, one of the characteristics of which is the existence of money or some other means of payment.

As you know, initially money as such did not exist because people could build their own homes, raise livestock, vegetables, fruits, cereals, raise a horse or some other livestock to move without having to pay for utilities because there was no artificial electricity, no heat or water supply – as much as they could provide themselves, there was nothing to pay for it.

Of course, it must also be remembered that in times of lack of money, people’s needs were more primitive and the meaning of life simpler.

It is unlikely that a modern man with his ambitions in the era described above could survive without money

money savings

If one were not constantly seeking for something more, including money, we would probably still be living in the Stone Age.

Over time, barter was introduced into the daily life of mankind, which was an exchange of things, for example, one gave wool, the other gave milk in exchange for wool, and so on. The Barter system did not work for a long time, as people began to realize that their offer was not always properly valued or, on the contrary, too valuable to receive, for example, only a stone hammer. Evaluating and comparing offers began to be difficult and over time people came up with the idea of ​​creating a tool that was adaptable to different situations but at the same time with a specific, variable value, namely money.

Nowadays, everything seems to be valued in terms of money , both goods and services. Of course, today, as in barter, there are still goods or services that are difficult to value in monetary terms. These are products that have so-called added value, that is, when a person pays for a product not only covers its real value or cost, but also the work, diligence, time, talent, sincerity and emotions invested, in particular, in monetary terms. Such products are highly valued today because they perform not only the primary functions of the product, but also the secondary functions, which are its intangible emotions and energy.

Monetary value

Monetary value

Because, as already mentioned, nowadays everything is expressed in monetary value, and not only is it expressed, but also demanded to pay for it, it is very difficult to survive without it. It goes without saying that nowadays almost nothing can be obtained for free – ” only the mouse in the trap is free “, as they say. Some laugh, even ironically, that they will soon have to pay for air, which seems to be the only thing not paid for today.

Nowadays, living in a civilized society, lack of money actually means death, or at least destruction, but who doesn’t want to live a full and full blooded life? That’s why people are so keen on money because money is life.

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