5 booming careers for finance and accounting professionals


By India Today Web Desk: Although accounting and finance are exciting fields to fuel your professional success, it can be more competitive to get a role in the Big 4 and top multinationals. But having an appetite for the basic skills (analysis, problem-solving, and strategic leadership) can lead you to innovative careers with leading accounting and financial firms at home and abroad.

Lately, the main factors leading students in class 12 or PUC to choose finance or accounting as their future career destination are above average salary, globally recognized degrees and expertise, influential roles, advancement sustainable professional, flexible courses and diversified career paths.

Technological disruption is shaking up traditional finance and accounting, thought, practice, and the landscape, empowering professionals to create creative solutions, make real-time decisions, and lead the future of financial innovation.

If you want to sit with the best leaders to get your ideas clicked, your decisions trusted, and your leadership recognized, here are some exciting career options. Make your smart choice now!


The future of an organization’s economic and health performance is defined by solid growth plans in a dynamic business environment. To develop growth plans, a company hires a financial analyst likely to hold a CFA qualification who has an analytical mind to align macro and microeconomic trends and economic variances with core business objectives through accurate analysis. financial data, the construction of innovative financial models, the preparation of investment theses. and liaising with investors and management.

The average median salary expected by financial analysts is around 5 LPA. The financial analyst career field is expected to grow by 5% by 2029.


Finance functions are evolving within organizations, and more than routine tasks today, controllers act as strategic business partners to resolve sub-optimal financial information, close talent gaps, deliver business intelligence , prepare financial statements, tax compliance and manage turnover issues to drive value creation. .

Earning a CPA/CMA or CA in the United States can help you learn stewardship skills to avoid business risks, increase operational efficiency, and become a catalyst for executing business strategies, and traits. consulting to help C-suite executives and managers make decisions to drive business growth and performance.


For most perhaps, world exposure is an expensive affair. Have audit qualifications like CA or US CPA – the opportunities are endless to travel the world. Maintaining businesses and individuals in financial/tax compliance and regulation is a critical capability possessed by the Audit and Tax Specialist.

They also evaluate financial systems, reports, tax procedures, internal controls, accounting books and prepare financial statements. Auditors can moonlight high packages of their own as they climb the corporate ladder earlier than others. The average salary range for an auditor is around 10 LPAs at the Big 4 and top multinationals.


The actual return on the Company’s investments could differ from the expected return due to risk. And to assess, manage and mitigate the type and degree of risk – social, economic or cyber, there are currently approximately 60,000 active risk managers worldwide.

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) or Financial Risk Manager (FRM) qualifications have seen a meteoric rise as cyberattacks on corporate networks increased by 50% between 2021 and 2022, where risk managers can defend a company’s reputation and enable business continuity.

The pandemic is a case where risk managers could work on liquidity by creating financial models to assess the degree of unforeseen risks, creating real-time portfolio management models to protect banks from credit risk, and reviewing business plans to drive profitability and performance.


As renewable energy, crypto, AI and ML, blockchain, IoT, virtual reality and cybersecurity are expected to change the face of investing over the next decade, the demand for specialists in investment is high. Investors attracted by these growing trends may seek to broaden and diversify their investment portfolios.

For strategic advice, making sound investment decisions, and taking your profits to the next level against these future trends, investment managers/specialists may be a sought-after option.

A recent survey mentions that more than 64% of people relied on investment for children’s education, 65% for medical emergencies, 54% for long-term wealth creation and 41% for provident funds, which which indicates that investment and insurance managers have vast job opportunities. in the future.

CFA or FRM can be an ideal option for investment specialists to adapt predictive, analytical, wealth management and advisory traits to land in large financial organizations, banks and investment firms , and other multinationals.

Evaluate all the options above and design a long-term career that will not only increase your job security, but also your income status and career progression and disrupt your lifestyle.

Written by Varun Jain, CPA, CMA, CEO & Lead Instructor, Miles Education


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