Banner Holiday Weekend Gives Vermont Businesses a Financial Boost in the Fall


KILLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) – Between the great weather, people feeling more comfortable with COVID and the foliage, some Killington businesses say this Indigenous Peoples Day weekend has been one of the best for some time, if ever.

“On Saturday night we stood in line outside the door to just come in for dinner,” said Murray McGrath of the Inn at Long Trail and McGrath’s Irish Pub.

Owner and innkeeper McGrath says the past year has been busy, but now that people have been vaccinated they seem ready to go out again.

“We had music in the pub so we opened up the dining room and it was overwhelming for a little while,” McGrath said.

Over the weekend, cars lined a stretch of Highway 4. It wasn’t as crowded on Monday, but people still took advantage of the day to hike the Deer Leap Trail.

“We’ve been on this hike before, so we know the views are pretty spectacular,” said Nina Reyes from New York.

Killington Ski Resort has hosted three weddings, a harvest party and the Killington Ski Exchange.

Saturday was this season’s mountain biking day with around 1,000 visitors and three lifts in operation.

Amy Laramie of Killington Ski Resort says many of this weekend’s visitors are from out of town.

“I don’t think the leaves are at their peak in other New England states, so once they started to see the photos and things happening, I think a lot of people just came by. to get away from it all and enjoy a great vacation weekend, ”said Laramie.

This is exactly what the Harris family of Shelton, Connecticut does. They are no strangers to the mountain, but Jacob Harris was surprised by its traffic.

“I used to come here downhill like 20 years ago when they had the mountain bikes in the bar at K1 Lodge and now it’s like the whole mountain is dedicated to mountain biking. It’s like ten times the number of people I can remember being here years ago, ”he said.

Jean Pierre Defrancesco-Sias says the Basin Ski Shop also had a great weekend and points out that in their industry most of the business is weather related.

“The leaves are perfect right now. I can see people in a restaurant near here enjoying beer and good food in the outside environment. It’s unusual, often at this time of year it’s cold, ”DeFrancesco said.

By the end of this weekend, businesses will begin to prepare for winter. They all tell me that they are hoping this weekend will be a preview of the quality of business next season.

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