Bay Area businesses prepare to reinstate indoor mask mandate – NBC Bay Area


California’s indoor mask mandate returns Wednesday for almost everyone, regardless of vaccine status, and will remain in effect until at least mid-January.

The move comes after an increase in COVID-19 cases and a desire to slow the spread of the virus during the holidays.

In the Bay Area, businesses are taking the necessary action and asking customers to put on their face coverings.

Dalton Cooke, a resident of Walnut Creek, attends a local gym to work out and hit his daily fitness goal – lifting 305 pounds. When asked if he could do it again on Wednesday when the interior mask mandate goes into effect, he probably said no.

“It’s a little harder just because when your breathing gets heavy it gets harder to breathe through the mask,” he explained.

Robert Collado, general manager of 24 Hour Fitness in Walnut Creek, said members will be notified of the tenure when they check in at reception and they will also have masks available for those who need them.

The mandate also impacts other workspaces such as offices.

Erick Flores is a financial director who works in Walnut Creek and said his vaccinated colleagues have been allowed to work without a mask. That will change tomorrow.

“I never took my mask off,” said Flores. “Very early in the pandemic, I lost a very close family friend to COVID-19.”

Freddy Sanchez, owner of Clip Joynte barbershop in Walnut Creek, said he survived the pandemic and several mask terms, and is ready to survive another.

Sanchez had an idea to boost business during the pandemic.

“We went to get a liquor license so that we could sell beer so the guys could take off their masks, have a beer and shave,” he explained.

Thousands of dollars in license fees later, Sanchez will have to leave those beers in the cooler until next year.

“We are like everyone else,” he said, “learning how to survive the pandemic”.


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