Boubyan is the best Islamic digital bank in the world

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Global Finance has named Boubyan Bank as the “World’s Best Islamic Digital Bank” for the eighth consecutive year, due to the bank’s continued achievements in this area as well as Boubyan’s role in providing the highest levels of services. in Kuwait, and its acquisition. influential market shares.

During a grand ceremony in Dubai, Mr. Abdullah Al-Mejhem, Chief Private Banking and Consumer Banking, received the award on behalf of Boubyan Bank in addition to 3 other awards, namely, Best Islamic Digital Bank in Kuwait, Best Islamic Digital Bank in the Middle East and Most Innovative Bank in the Middle East.

Mr. Al-Mejhem commented on the occasion saying, “We find ourselves here at one of the most important honorary ceremonies which represents a milestone in Boubyan Bank’s continuous journey of achievements and awards across all departments and banking areas, especially digital. banking awards that have been won by Boubyan Bank over the past few years, not only in Kuwait and the Middle East, but also around the world.

“The Global Finance awards are particularly significant because of the international institution awarding them, which is renowned for its impartiality, its strict and precise selection criteria, coupled with the highly competitive category in which the bank competed and received the price,” he added.

Al-Mejhem added: “The journey of our digital services is very exceptional. This has allowed us to excel and climb to the top of the pyramid amid fierce competition in the rapidly developing digital banking market. »

“Boubyan Bank is always striving to raise the level of digital banking towards a more creative and flourishing future, where customer convenience is our top priority worldwide. This strategic investment, which responds to the diverse and evolving demands of corporate and SME clients, will consolidate Boubyan Bank’s position as a leading Islamic digital bank, locally, regionally and internationally,” he added.

He underlined: “Over the past few years, Boubyan Bank was already on the quest for digital transformation when the Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of offering the bank’s services and products through state-of-the-art digital channels. . The bank has also been keen to keep up with the evolution of the technological and digital aspects of banking services and products offered to customers by adding various services that can be done online through the bank’s website or through Boubyan App. ”

He concluded: “The past few years have seen an unprecedented increase in the number of Boubyan Bank customers using digital banking channels. This led to strong growth in the number of customers and the number of banking transactions carried out across all channels.

1st highlight

Bank Earned Rewards

  1. Best Islamic Digital Bank in Kuwait 2022
  2. Best Islamic Digital Bank in the Middle East 2022
  3. Best Islamic Digital Bank – Global 2022
  4. Most Innovative Bank in the Middle East 2022

2nd highlight

** Why is Boubyan ranked best globally?

In its report on the selection criteria set by a panel of international judges, Global Finance refers to criteria such as: –

  • Strength of the strategy put in place by the bank to attract and serve digital customers.
  • Success in getting customers to use digital offers.
  • Growth of customers who use digital banking services through their various channels, whether via online banking or smartphones.
  • Innovation and creativity in delivering exceptional banking and non-banking services through electronic channels.



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