BrightPlan Announces New Service Offerings, Empowering HR to Provide Empathetic Support for Critical Life Events


Company Delivers Enhanced Client Value with New Advisor Portal and Services Related to Global Assistance, Retirement Preparedness and Survivor Assistance

SAN JOSE, CA., October 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — BrightPlana leader in total financial wellness, today announced the availability of a new advisor portal and expansion of its menu of service offerings including global country support, retirement preparedness and survivor support. The new service offerings enable HR teams to provide empathetic support for critical life events and give employers a competitive advantage to attract, retain and engage talent. As a recognized innovator in financial wellness benefits and a strategic partner for employers and HR teams to support their employees’ financial success, BrightPlan’s comprehensive financial wellness solution, which includes a digital platform complemented by seasoned financial planners, provides employees with holistic financial and employer benefits. the support they need to address key concerns such as debt reduction, emergency preparedness, estate planning and more.

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The new service offerings further demonstrate BrightPlan’s commitment to partnering with human resource leaders to provide financial, emotional and administrative support to employees during critical life events. Changing employee priorities and expectations are forcing HR teams to look for new ways to support their workforce and drive talent acquisition and retention. These include providing a globally consistent employee experience, giving employees the financial confidence to achieve important life goals, such as retirement, and supporting employees through the emotional journey. and the financial complexities that come with difficult times, such as the loss of a loved one. a.

“As a trusted partner, BrightPlan has demonstrated its continued commitment to supporting Bread Financial and the financial well-being of our associates,” said Lindsay Madaras, Sr. Manager, Associate Well-being at Bread Financial. “They have also gladly stepped up their close collaboration with us and our other benefits providers to enable a more consistent and seamless Associate experience. BrightPlan’s new service offerings, such as survivor support, are another clear indication how they listen carefully to client needs and deliver targeted solutions that help HR teams support associates through the financial, emotional and administrative challenges following the loss of a loved one.”

In this time of high inflation and economic uncertainty, financial wellness support is highly valued by workers. At BrightPlan Well-being Barometer Survey 202288% of employees surveyed said they expect their employer to provide them with the tools and resources to help them manage their finances.

“We are grateful to our customers for their continued partnership and look forward to being able to support them more holistically with our new service offerings that enable them to guide employees through critical times,” said Martin DeBeer, founder and CEO of BrightPlan. “As we look to 2023, we are committed to driving continuous innovation to meet the needs of our customers and to empowering employers and HR leaders to deliver empathy, relevance and unparalleled expertise to support financial journeys and the general well-being of employees.”

Innovative support services

BrightPlan’s new service offerings extend the value of its platform for employers while meeting the needs of diverse employee populations:

  • Global Employee Support: A comprehensive and inclusive financial wellness benefit that provides a consistent experience for international employees of U.S.-based employers. The service, deployed at scale, offers the customization needed to simplify benefits and personal finances for all employees and combines the digital platform with local financial planners who understand economic and market trends in each country. BrightPlan continues to deliver a customer-focused global roadmap with defined implementation timelines.

  • Preparing for retirement: In-depth retirement planning education, advice and resources that empower employees to achieve financial independence and retire on time with confidence. BrightPlan serves as an extension of the HR team by providing financial and administrative support for retirement planning that helps them save time and resources and mitigate risk. The service also helps foster career mobility for top performing mid-level and entry-level employees in the organization, increasing retention and productivity, while reducing high labor costs and associated health premiums. to permanent employees who delay retirement.

  • Support for survivors: Personalized support for employees and their dependents who have lost a loved one, including assistance in navigating the emotional journey and associated financial complexities. The service includes 24/7 digital assistance coupled with empathetic financial advice on employer-provided benefits, estate planning considerations, life insurance and more. Grief and bereavement training and ongoing administrative support for documentation requirements and account transitions are also available.

New advisor portal

To increase benefits utilization and provide greater scalability, security and compliance, BrightPlan is launching a highly secure advisor portal that gives financial planners access to relevant employee financial information. By eliminating the need for employees to answer introductory, profile, or repeat questions when speaking with a financial planner, the advisor portal saves time and enables a more positive planning experience for all parties. .


BrightPlan’s new service offerings and advisor portal are available now. To learn more, visit the service offerings page.

About BrightPlan

BrightPlan is a leader in total financial well-being. BrightPlan provides a comprehensive end-to-end solution that addresses all aspects of employee financial health at every stage of life and enables HR teams to improve the employee experience and better attract, retain and engage talent. Its unique combination of digital platform and financial planners allows employers to deploy at scale while providing personalization to employees. The company is the first financial wellness solution certified for fiduciary excellence by the Center for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX). To learn more, visit

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