Bundles: Anand Rathi Global Finance sold stakes in Premier Limited during Friday session


Dozens of company stocks witnessed the change of hands during Friday’s trading session thanks to open market trading. In this regard, Anand Rathi Global Finance Ltd sold 2,35,000 shares of Premier Limited at Rs 9.55 per share on NSE, according to wholesale transaction data.

Bright Solar Limited experienced maximum traction in an otherwise flat market, as Piyushkumar Thumar sold 5,94,000 shares at Rs 5.02 per share on the NSE.

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Likewise, Kapil Mahesh Kothari sold 5,16,900 shares of Jump Networks Limited at 9.41 rupees per share on the NSE, according to wholesale transaction data.

Individually Anumolu Bharat sold 2,94667 shares of Beardsell Limited at Rs 13.25 per share, Anish J Saraf HUF sold 1,22,355 shares of Libas Consu Products Ltd at Rs 31.55 per share, LTD. First Overseas Capital Nidan Labs and Health Ltd sold 71,000 shares of subsidiary Nidan Labs and Health Ltd at Rs 57.32 per share on the NSE, according to wholesale transaction data.

While Ankita Vishal Shah sold 2,72,247 Patel Inte Rs. 2.5ppd shares at Rs 6.05 per share on the NSE, according to bulk trading data.

A transaction in which the total amount of shares bought or sold is greater than 0.5 percent of the company’s share capital is called a block transaction. It can be traded either through the normal trading window or through the bulk trading window.

Indian markets halted a three-day rally on Friday only to end flat with negative bias, Sensex fell 20 points and the Nifty50 was above the 17,500 mark, led by metals and gold stocks. automobile.

Out of 50 scripts on the Nifty50, 22 advanced, 26 went down and 2 remained unchanged at the close of the market. Asian Paints gained the most by over 3%, followed by Grasim by over 1.5%. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala’s favorite stock, Titan, slipped nearly 2% as the market closed.


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