Catherine Hershey Schools for Early Learning Launches First Free Early Years Resource Center in the Township of Derry


“Today marks an important milestone as we build on At Catherine and Milton Hershey “Their vision continues to be our guide as we seek to help many more children and families in need at CHS Hershey and other locations. ”

CHS Hershey is part of a $ 350 million initiative to fund the initial development of up to six free ECRCs through Pennsylvania, as subsidiaries of Milton Hershey School. CHS Hershey will provide a basic preschool learning program to 150 students from birth to age 5 from economically disadvantaged and at-risk backgrounds. The program will be designed to enhance the educational, social, emotional and cognitive development of students. CHS will also provide students with nutritious meals, transportation and other necessary supplies, and offer integrated support services to families of enrolled children with a dedicated family resource center. CHS Hershey is expected to have 80 staff and volunteers and provide 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., From Monday to Friday.

Fittingly, the historic grand opening took place during Milton Hershey School Founders Week, which celebrates Milton’s birthday and Catherine hershey establishing MHS 112 years ago. As another way to recognize the founders of the school, MHS elementary students sprinkled flower seeds in the ground during the ceremony to pay tribute to At Catherine Hershey the love of flowers, as reflected in the CHS logo, and represent how access to early childhood education will lay the foundation for the success of children who learn and grow at the CHS. In addition, MHS high school students who are currently studying early childhood education as part of the vocational and technical training (CTE) path of education and social services, participated in the inauguration knowing that there will be opportunities in the future for hands-on learning and internship experiences at SCH Hershey.

VIP guests at the opening ceremony included Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh shapiro. He was joined by Susan cort of Township of Derry Board of supervisors, local community leaders, MHS board members and current CHS and MHS staff.

Since the initiative was approved in October 2020There have been many developments of the CHS in an effort to bring early childhood education resources to families and children in need. In addition to the hiring of its Executive Director, Senate Alexander, and today’s inauguration, the CHS announced that the Midtown neighborhood of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, as ECRC’s second location. CHS Hershey is expected to begin the student admissions process in fall 2022 with a focus on serving children and families in Hershey and the surrounding area.

The CHS also continues to hire passionate experts and professionals to help children reach their full potential. Recently, he began accepting applications for his first grade level position, Principal of CHS Hershey, and more grade level positions will be available soon. In addition, career opportunities at the CHS central office in Hershey include: Director of Operations, Director of Facilities, Director of Finance, Director of Human Resources, Recruiter, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Executive Assistant. For more details on the CHS, career opportunities and other ongoing developments, visit

Catherine Hershey Schools for Early Learning will provide a free educational, social and cognitive program to children from birth to 5 years of age from economically disadvantaged and at-risk backgrounds, through the initial development of up to six early childhood resource centers through Pennsylvania. The centers are subsidiaries of Milton Hershey School and will be staffed and operated independently of the basic Milton Hershey School model. For more information visit

Milton Hershey School® is one of the best private schools in the world, providing top-notch education and a positive family life free of charge to children from Kindergarten to Grade 12 in low-income families. For more information visit

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