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According to the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA), there are over 18,000 cooperatives in the country on which 11.6 million Filipinos depend for their financial support, especially during critical times. As the majority of them continue to recover from the impact of the pandemic, Globe Business aims to help them get back on track immediately and prepare for the future through the power of digital solutions.

Pantukan Chess Club Multipurpose Cooperative (PCCMPC)

One cooperative that continues to trust Globe Business in its digital adoption is Pantukan Chess Club Multipurpose Cooperative (PCCMPC). It is one of the largest cooperatives in the southern part of the Davao region which supports more than 7,000 microenterprises, giving them easy and stable access to credit to support themselves and other financial services, such as as insurance and savings, to help members achieve financial freedom. and flexibility.

Pantukan Chess Club Multipurpose Cooperative (PCCMPC)

From a sports club, founded by Dr. Agapito B. Hornido, who met regularly to play their beloved board game three decades ago, PCCMPC has grown into a cooperative of 50,000 people, serving as a lifebuoy. financial rescue to many local communities in Davao De Oro. , Davao Oriental and Davao del Norte.

However, it was like any other organization grappling with the massive disruption caused by the pandemic. But with the help of Globe Business, it quickly took its marks and adapted to the demands of the times, showing other co-ops that with the right digital tools and solutions, they can overcome obstacles and thrive in the field. current situation.

Globe business solutions to fuel your cooperative’s path to recovery and success

During long lockdowns and restricted mobility at the onset of the pandemic, PCCMPC managers struggled to find ways to connect with their members and continue operations. But Globe Business was quick to provide them with digital solutions to immediately meet their challenges, including:

Ease of communication with members

To easily communicate with its members and other branches across the province, PCCMPC used Globe Business Internet connectivity and the AMBER Text Blast solution.

“With AMBER, we can easily send messages to thousands of members at the same time, notifying them of important announcements and notifications about our upcoming activities, loan repayment reminders, and recruiting efforts to keep everyone on board. engaged at all times, ”said Ms. Feraldine. Baño Revisa, General Manager of the Pantukan Chess Club Multipurpose Cooperative.

AMBER is Globe Business’s automated text blasting platform that enables businesses and organizations to communicate quickly, easily and easily with their employees and customers from all networks via SMS.

Continuous operations despite limited physical interactions

Meanwhile, to ensure business continuity, Globe Business has enabled PCCMPC with Google Workspace’s suite of applications, giving them access to business messaging, collaboration tools and Google Meet for virtual meetings, reducing business interruptions and improving productivity in the workplace.

“Thanks to Google Workspace, we can now communicate with our agencies more quickly, easily collect and consolidate reports, and even organize our meetings virtually so that our staff from other agencies in different municipalities do not need to travel 4 times. at 6 o’clock for our meetings. Said Ms. Revisa.

Driving the digital transformation of cooperatives for more inclusive financial services

According to the Philippine National Study on “What’s the Difference Make Co-operatives?” By the International Cooperative Research Group of the US Overseas Cooperative Development Council, cooperatives in the Philippines make a significant economic difference in the lives of the vast majority of its members and also contribute significantly to their overall well-being.

“Our goal at PCCMPC is to improve the lives of our members and to reach those at the grassroots who do not have access to banks and other financial services. We are pleased that our partnership with Globe Business allows us to continue our commitment to them through the digital solutions they offer, ”said Revisa.

By supporting local cooperatives and forging partnerships with financial institutions, Globe Business seeks to bring financial inclusion to more Filipinos who continue to be unbanked. It also recognizes the vital role that cooperatives play in the Philippine economy, especially in job creation, poverty reduction and social inclusion.

“We continue to bring innovation to the reach of the financial services industry to help them reinvent the way they operate in a digital economy and deliver endless opportunities for growth and success to the communities they serve,” said Bradley Pineda, Globe Business Segment Manager for the Financial Industry.

PCCMPC was sealed as a FOCCUS branded cooperative in 1997, which means that it is a financial organization that meets the standards of certified credit unions. Being part of this group certifies the cooperative for the achievement and maintenance of international prudential standards for safe, healthy and sustainable cooperative business organizations.

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