Dukhan Bank wins 2 distinctions at the International Finance Awards


Doha: Dukhan Bank received two International Finance Awards 2021 accolades as Best Digital Transformation Bank 2021 and Best New Contactless Payment Platform for Dukhan Pay (D-Pay) in Qatar 2021.

The awards demonstrate the bank’s strong commitment to integrating cutting-edge technologies into expanding its rich portfolio of innovative products and services that are part of its digital transformation strategy.

The International Finance Awards recognize global companies across multiple industries, including banking, finance, and wealth management, for demonstrating corporate excellence, market innovation, and capability on an international platform.

Commenting on the two awards, Talal Ahmed Al Khaja, Director of Marketing and Communications at Dukhan Bank, said: “We are very pleased to receive these two awards which demonstrate our strategic vision which guides a digitally driven approach and stay up to the evolving needs of our customers. The past year alone has seen the launch of many digitally driven products and services, accelerated by market needs and pioneering technologies. Dukhan Bank has a long standing reputation for implementing the latest market trends and technologies, and these accolades reaffirm our commitment to enhancing our portfolio as Qatar’s bank of choice.

Since its digital transformation strategy announced in early 2020, Dukhan Bank has announced the launch of new products and services that leverage digital systems, customer experience platforms and pioneering technology infrastructure.

This saw the launch of a wide range of services including upgrades to the bank’s mobile app adding new services and features as well as integration with The Group to enable customers to manage inventory at using Dukhan Bank’s mobile app. Additionally, the bank launched its contactless payment platform, D-Pay, which continues to spearhead new forms of contactless payment options.

In the space of a few months since its launch, D-Pay has already enabled customers to make daily transactions through secure and easy online payment services through Garmin Pay, Fitbit Pay and, most recently, Apple Pay, the online payment service that offers customers a more secure and secure payment solution. The service allows customers to make payments without handing over their bank cards to anyone, without touching device buttons or even exchanging currencies, while benefiting from the protection feature offered by iPhone devices for every transaction. These services are part of Dukhan Bank’s relentless quest to meet customer demands for increasingly digital services and products that are replacing traditional forms of banking.

Dukhan Bank’s large-scale banking solutions to satisfy customers in Qatar are based on forward-thinking strategies, positioning it as one of the leaders in the banking industry. Today, Dukhan Bank has a reputation as the leading provider of Sharia-compliant services, offering a wide range of award-winning banking products and services at all levels; local, regional and global. Numerous international entities in separate categories have awarded recognition to the bank, namely the World Economic Magazine Awards, the International Business Magazine Awards, the Global Business Outlook (GBO) Awards and the International Finance Awards 2020.

Dukhan Bank holds years of excellence in service awards, recognized in the industry as a leader in several areas. Recent headlines hand in hand rank the awards and recognitions Dukhan Bank has achieved over the years for its groundbreaking service.

The bank won the Best Private Banking in Qatar 2020 award from Global Finance, the best corporate digital services bank in Qatar 2021 at the World Economic Magazine Awards while its Sharia-compliant savings account service, Thara ‘a, was named’ Most Innovative Banking Product ‘at the 2020 GBO Awards.

It is next to the title of the most user-friendly banking application for its mobile application, the leadership of the bank, the Managing Director of Dukhan Bank, Khalid Al Subeai, also received the award of “Qatar Bank CEO of the Year 2020 ”. In addition, the bank won the “Best Retail” and “Most Innovative Bank” award in Qatar by the International Business Magazine Awards 2020, among others.

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