Finances Announces $ 500 Stimulus Package for Taxpayers | News


THE Department of Finance, working with Commonwealth Utilities Corp., credited each taxpayer’s account with a $ 500 stimulus that the CNMI government says will help ease the financial burden on residents caused by the Covid-19 pandemic .

In an interview on Monday, Finance Secretary David DLG Atalig said a total of $ 7.5 million had been “uploaded” to more than 6,000 CUC residential accounts.

Each taxpayer will receive $ 500 in their CUC account, he added. He said on Monday that the stimulus had been provided to 60% of taxpayers.

Atalig said tenants can claim their $ 500 raise as well. All they have to do is bring their rental agreement and receipt or any proof of billing to CUC so that their $ 500 can be credited to their accounts, he added.

The $ 500 utility stimulus is one of the ways the CNMI government is using the American Rescue Plan Act federal funds the Commonwealth received last year, Atalig said.

He would like to thank Governor Ralph DLG Torres “for allowing us to help the taxpayers”.

He also thanked the hardworking CUC staff for working swiftly to ensure that eligible taxpayers receive their utility boost. “I hope this will provide additional help to households,” Atalig said.

CUC Executive Director Gary Camacho in a separate interview said the CUC “will ensure that every taxpayer gets their money into their CUC account.”


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