FUSO Canter’s reliable workhorses drive Chelmsford Plastic Warehouse’s continued growth


Construction dealer Chelmsford Plastic Warehouse bought its first FUSO Canter in 2017, and since then has never wavered in its loyalty to the rugged and reliable light truck.

The service-run company operates a fleet of eight 3.5-ton Canters – six work from its headquarters in Chelmsford, Essex, while the remaining couple are based at their branch in Benfleet.

The last one has just been delivered by Motus Truck & Van. The dealership sells and supports Mercedes-Benz trucks as well as FUSO – both brands are part of the Daimler Truck family – and will also supply another Canter to Chelmsford Plastic Warehouse next spring.

The operator’s new 3C13 variant is powered by a fuel-efficient 3.0-liter common rail turbodiesel that produces 96 kW (130 hp) and 300 Nm of torque at 1,300-3,000 rpm, and is driven by a five-speed manual gearbox. His body is the work of KMR Engineering, of Hadleigh, Ipswich.

Founded in 2003, Chelmsford Plastic Warehouse first specialized in plastic products such as fascias, soffits and gutters. However, it quickly became apparent that customers wanted to source all of their building materials from one source.

The company embarked on a strategy of expansion, adding new lines to its range every year and opening the Benfleet branch in 2011. Customers who choose to collect their orders are served by helpful and knowledgeable staff. . Most, however, take advantage of Chelmsford Plastic Warehouse’s fast and efficient delivery service, which brings the product right to their doors.

In addition to plastic items, FUSO Canters transport a wide range of wood and sheet materials, lintels, roofing felts and slates, fences and decks and much more throughout the South East, to ‘in Peterborough to the north.

CFO Sandra Garratt recalled: “We were using a different type of vehicle before 2017, but then we bought our first Canter and we have never looked back. It’s a better truck all around, and a lot more reliable, as well as great value for the money – for the money you get a really good truck.

“The 67 armored vehicle that we just pulled out to make way for the new truck had traveled over 130,000 miles, but caused us no problem. We were also very happy with the price we sold it for.

Key to the 3.5-ton Canter’s appeal in a weight segment dominated by van-based vehicles is its strength and durability, attributes that owe much to its rugged, ladder-frame chassis.

“We work hard with our vehicles,” she continued. “They regularly venture onto difficult sites to make their deliveries and come for many abuses. But experience has shown that over a life of three or four years, the Canters hold up very well to punishment.

“Drivers love them too, not least because the Canter is very manoeuvrable thanks to its small turning radius – that’s a big plus when we deliver on residential streets or high-traffic sites.

If the vehicle has won the appreciation of Chelmsford Plastic Warehouse, so has the customer-oriented after-sales service of Motus Truck & Van. “The support we receive from the Colchester dealer team has always been first class,” added Sandra Garratt. “Nothing is ever too complicated, and so is its Canter Sales Specialist Nigel Thomas, whose service is excellent. “


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