GO in the Know: Top 3 financial news from March 28, 2022


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Happy Monday everyone. Before you get on with your day, GOBankingRates is here with lunchtime details on today’s biggest financial news. Read them before you go back and watch Will Smith slap Chris Rock at the Oscars for the 50th time.

The Great Runway: Relaunch Update

A new report that could have major tax ramifications says the IRS has issued more than 1.2 million economic payments, totaling $1.9 billion, to potentially ineligible people. Additionally, the report found that up to 644,705 eligible people had not received stimulus payments.

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Company Spotlight: Tesla

Tesla said it would ask shareholders to vote at this year’s annual meeting to authorize additional shares to enable another stock split. The news gave a big boost to its stock on Monday morning.

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Well, that’s interesting: “CODA” goes down in history

Apple TV+ made history at the 94th Academy Awards, as “CODA” won three Oscars, including Best Picture, marking the first time a streaming service has done so. Analysts say the historic moment is a “game changer for Apple on its content efforts” and a major win for Apple shares.

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Bonus: Life Hack to save money

You can save money on groceries by using smartphone apps like Ibotta and Checkout 51, which give you cash back on grocery shopping.

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