Hitachi Rail wins contract to modernize Nordic Re-Finance trains


Nordic Re-Finance awarded a contract to Hitachi Rail to modernize the signaling systems of the fleet of TMe locomotives operating in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

The TMe are the diesel-electric locomotives owned by Nordic Re-Finance.

As agreed, Hitachi Rail will supply a European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) and specific transmission module systems [base line 3.6] and associated equipment.

These will be installed to modernize 27 TMe locomotives running in Scandinavia.

Work on the contract has already started, with a fleet of trains installed with the new signaling solution expected to operate in the Nordic region by early 2023.

This upgrade is expected to “protect the continuity of goods” for customers and businesses in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

ERTMS technology is said to work as a “key catalyst” to move towards the digitization and decarbonization of the rail industry.

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TMe’s modernized fleet will operate efficiently, with traffic disruptions and delays minimized for commuters and freight traffic.

The solution will also provide increased availability and security.

Eric Morand, Vice President of Hitachi Rail Nordic Region, said: “We are honored to receive the order to upgrade and deliver the latest on-board digital train control solution to Nordic Re’s TMe locomotive fleet. Finance.

“This partnership is an exceptional opportunity for Hitachi Rail to support Nordic Re Finance in the development of an innovative and more sustainable solution with high standards of quality, safety and reliability for their customers in the region. Digitizing their locomotives will help improve the supply of goods to Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Last week Hitachi Rail STS, USA, won a contract to install a signaling solution at a switch complex near Queens Village.

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