Huawei Cloud: Everything as a Service for Smart Finance


[Singapore, July 20, 2022] At the Huawei Intelligent Finance Summit 2022 held today, Huawei Cloud launched its Cloud Native Core Banking solution which is designed to serve as the foundation for agile innovation in traditional and new digital banking industries.

William Dong, President of Huawei Cloud Marketing, said in his keynote speech, “Currently, global financial institutions are rapidly accelerating their own digital transformation plans. This creates many new opportunities for financial organizations to become industry leaders. Finance will eventually become smart, all-scenario, and inclusive, easily accessible to everyone in diverse forms. Huawei Cloud will work with our partners to keep abreast of these trends and create everything as a service for smart finance in all scenarios.

William Dong speaking at the Huawei Intelligent Finance Summit 2022

At the summit, Huawei Cloud launched its new Cloud Native Core Banking solution to provide a stable cloud-native platform to offload mainframes, build new core systems for traditional banks, and power digital banks. The solution provides high availability, large-scale concurrency, and agile application iteration and can achieve disaster recovery (DR) of RPO=0 for an RTO ≤ 2 minutes. The GaussDB has an intra-urban RTO AZ of less than 10 s, which is necessary to meet financial regulatory requirements.

Huawei Cloud creates reliable and innovative cloud services for financial customers in Asia-Pacific. Zeng Xingyun, president of Huawei Cloud APAC, said that in terms of industry strategy, Huawei Cloud will focus on “infrastructure as a service, technology as a service, and win-win with industry partners. cloud ecosystem” to continuously improve Huawei’s core competitiveness. Cloud. In terms of market strategy, Huawei Cloud will focus on deep digital transformation, accelerate cloud-native and service innovation, and create the best toB services to continuously create value for customers and partners.

Huawei Cloud has served more than 300 financial customers globally. Going forward, Huawei Cloud hopes to continue working with customers and partners to create smart finance for every scenario and share excellence around the world.


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