Ilham Habibie joins Indonesian FinTech Open Finance Ayoconnect as Commissioner


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  • Ilham Habibie is an experienced professional in the Indonesian ICT and finance landscape, leading the National ICT Council and the Research and Technology Agency of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN).
  • He is also President of Muamalat Bank and holds advisory positions in various research and technology-oriented organizations in Indonesia.
  • Ilham’s strategic role at Ayoconnect is expected to help accelerate the company’s adoption rate through various collaborations with state-owned companies and entrepreneurs across the country.
  • Guarantee new funds from $ 10 million in equity investment last year, Ayoconnect is indonesia largest API platform, serving over 100 Indonesian companies as customers and connecting over 1,000 institutions through its API network.

Jakarta, Indonesia, October 26, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Earlier today, Ayoconnect announced that it had appointed Indonesian technopreneur powerhouse Ilham Habibie as commissioner. Ilham previously held the position of strategic advisor to the company since August 2020 before joining the ranks of investors in Ayoconnect’s pre-series B round in September.

Ayoconnect, which started operations in 2016, recently succeeded in raising $ 10 million investment during its last round of table, scoring a total of $ 15 million investment in stocks last year.

The company seeks to democratize open finance by Indonesia, offering a wide range of white-label financial products on its broad application programming interface (API) platform. Through this, Ayoconnect strives to facilitate greater interoperability and collaboration between financial institutions in Indonesia, ultimately enabling them to quickly launch new products to meet the needs of unmet customers and unlock new sources of revenue.

Ilham’s appointment brings into the fold a leading figure who has been deeply involved in indonesia ICT and finance landscape. Prior to his position at Ayoconnect, Ilham headed the National ICT Council of Indonesia as Managing Director since 2014. He also has an active role as President of Bank Muamalat, indonesia first Islamic bank (sharia), while leading as chairman, co-founder / shareholder PT. ILTHABI Rekatama, a private investment company in Indonesia.

Ilham is also actively involved in various organizations that focus on research and technology in Indonesia, including the Research and Technology Agency of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) and the National Council of Information and Communication Technology (WANTIKNAS), making him a valuable asset for Ayoconnect to accelerate financial inclusion within Indonesia market.

“With the arrival of Ilham as Commissioner, we will further accelerate Ayoconnect’s role in building the future of indonesia digital ecosystem, ”said Ayoconnect CEO Jakob rost.

“Ilham is a visionary figure who has successfully driven innovation and encouraged meaningful collaborations between various organizations. With Ilham on board, we look forward to acquiring more partnerships with various public companies and financial institutions as well as collaborating with a wider community of entrepreneurs Indonesia. ”

According to Rost, Ilham’s appointment as commissioner comes as Ayoconnect begins to expand its API footprint in open finance and open government. The company currently serves more than 1,000 businesses in Indonesia, including major financial service providers, tech companies and established big names. Ayoconnect’s API platform processes over 300 million API hits per year and has seen a 600% increase in the number of transactions compared to the same period last year.

“I have been continuously impressed with Ayoconnect’s efforts for advancement and impact in the Indonesian fintech landscape,” said Ilham. “I am very happy to join the team and to foster financial inclusion in Indonesia. The goal is to provide innovative technology solutions to businesses of all sizes, giving them smart tools to help their customers, including those who are still underserved by traditional financial institutions. ”

Financial and digital inclusion are vast challenges that affect millions of Indonesians. In 2021, indonesia unbanked citizens still represent around 66% of the country’s 275 million inhabitants, which Indonesia one of the highest unbanked populations in the world. However, the government continues to open doors for new fintech entrants like Ayoconnect to revolutionize the system through a local approach. The country is now home to 20% of all fintech companies in the Southeast Asian bloc and is expected to become one of the largest fintech ecosystems in the world over the next five years.

About Ayoconnect

Ayoconnect is indonesia largest API platform. It allows developers to choose from a wide range of white label financial products on Ayoconnect’s API platform and quickly launch them to their users. Ayoconnect remains in the background, focused on building and operating the necessary infrastructure while allowing its customers to monetize and grow their business in a fast and massive way.

Founded in 2016, Ayoconnect’s API stack has seen rapid adoption. Over 100 Indonesian companies trust it as clients including leading banks, retailers, e-commerce companies, fintechs and e-wallets such as Bank BRI, Bank Mandiri, DANA, Indomaret, Bukalapak, Home Credit, Pegadaian and more. of 1,000 institutions through its API network. Ayoconnect APIs process over 300 million API hits per year.

Ayoconnect raised a total of $ 15 million from leading local and international institutional investors. Ayoconnect investors include Mandiri Capital Indonesia, the corporate venture capital unit of Bank Mandiri; BRI Ventures, the corporate venture capital unit of BRI Bank; indonesia AC Ventures, led by the president of the Indonesian fintech association Pandu Sjahrir; Patamar Capital, South East Asia leading impact venture capital; Kakaku, a public company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TYO); and Finch Capital among others. Ayoconnect continues to expand its ecosystem to accelerate financial inclusion and adoption of integrated finance through Indonesia.

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