Kid Laroi’s mother, Sloane Howard, arrested and pleads not guilty to fraud


It’s also a story that seems to be missing a key chapter: the years when the Howard family lived in relative luxury when a much younger Charlton Howard was a student at an exclusive boys’ school, Mosman Church of England Preparatory School.

Several of the other mothers fondly remember Sloane, who was described to PS by one this week as “a lovely, very attractive and elegant woman”. She was often spotted driving a luxurious sports car when Charlton was dropped off at school or with friends for play dates.

This was before Sloane Howard and Charlton’s father Nick Howardthe marriage of has ended. Nick Howard is a successful music producer who has worked with Australian stars such as Bardot and Delta Goodrem.

Jeffrey and Mary Dunn have reunited with their grandsons The Kid Laroi and their brother Austin Howard.Credit:

After the marriage broke down, Sloane Howard and her sons moved to Broken Hill, where her parents still reside, and set up a talent agency, before returning to Sydney and launching her talent management business Mama Capone, settling in focusing on local native rap artists and effectively launching his son’s hip-hop career.

As revealed by PS, Charlton Howard has re-signed with the super Hollywood manager Scott “Scooter” Braun, having gone through several managers in a few relatively short years. PS understands part of the latest deal means Sloane Howard has taken a step back from her son’s career, although friends say she remains on the payroll and is still a trusted confidante for the teenager.

Gold standards

After a two-year hiatus, the night of TV nights is back on June 19, bigger than ever.

With over 800 industry stars and A-list actors expected to hit the Gold Coast for the big night, which will be televised on Nine (owner of the Herald and age), this year’s awards also herald some important behind-the-scenes changes.

This year's Gold Logie nominees Karl Stefanovic, Julia Morris, Hamish Blake, Tom Gleeson, Sonia Kruger and Ray Meagher.

This year’s Gold Logie nominees Karl Stefanovic, Julia Morris, Hamish Blake, Tom Gleeson, Sonia Kruger and Ray Meagher. Credit:chris hyde

Previously, it was up to the public to vote for who they thought should be nominated for various “most popular” categories, but now that power lies with the TV networks themselves.


Each network is now asked to provide six names from their books for each Logie (they get seven for the Gold Logie). Previously, networks would offer long lists of names to the public and then narrow down to the final nominees.

This new convention has prepared the ground for serious game of thrones-such as lobbying within networks among potential suitors.

Rather than fans, it is now the bosses of television and advertising agencies that the aspiring hunters of Logie must convince before walking the red carpet.

It also makes reading about this year’s nominee lists all the more interesting, especially considering which names didn’t make it. Where is Richard Wilkins? who forgot Costa Georgiadis? Where is Dr. Harry? What about Nathalie Barr and larry emdur? nobody remembers Erin Molan? And no love for little Grant Denyer Julia Zemiro Where Joel Creasey? The list continues.

With a fortnight still left in the five-week public voting period, which ends once the red carpet broadcast is over, it’s a little premature to predict the winners.

The change is part of an overall rejuvenation of the Logies after its management was outsourced to the rewards owner TV week magazine to event company Rizer, which previously handled the red carpet preamble.

Nominees in the most notable categories are judged by combining scores from industry judging panels – which have also been updated with approximately 30% more judges – against set criteria such as social media engagement, impact on viewership and TV ratings.

fashionable love

Whereas Anna Wintour herself declined to be interviewed in the unauthorized new biography Anna by fashion journalist Amy Odelapparently 200 of her friends, fashion insiders and former employees were only too happy to spill the tea on the legendary vogue editor.

Richard Neville died in 2016.

Richard Neville died in 2016.Credit:Sahlan Hayes

Lover: Anna Wintour.

Lover: Anna Wintour.Credit:Getty Images

While the bits served include fairly mundane revelations like his banning of chives, garlic, onions and parsley from his annual Met Gala “because it would get stuck in people’s teeth and give their breath away,” a far tastier dish is served when her romance with ex-boyfriend the late Aussie from the Aussie edition Richard Nevilleis under the microscope.

Neville is said to have lived with Anna Wintour in his parents’ London basement, although he was soon sent away by Wintour’s unimpressed father.

When Neville died in 2016, The New York Times reported that during the infamous 1971 obscenity trial on ounces magazine, Wintour—who was working on the magazine at the time and dating Neville—offered to marry Neville to save him from being deported after his conviction, later overturned on appeal.

Revenge of a Blonde

For PS, the term “financial foreplay” sounds about as alluring as “Barnabas Joyce naked”. However, an attempt to make finance sexy set the stage for a showdown in Federal Court in November where a celebrity social media “finfluencer”, financial planner and TV personality canna-campbell of Sugarmumma fame, is being sued for alleged trademark infringement.

Canna Campbell (left) denies infringing Rhondalynn Korolak's trademark.

Canna Campbell (left) denies infringing Rhondalynn Korolak’s trademark.Credit:

Campbell denies trademark infringement when, in June 2020, she launched a podcast series called Financial Foreplay, a name apparently inspired by Today co-host Karl Stefanovicwho complained to Campbell before going on the air during one of his regular segments that couples found finance a “boring” topic.

However, the former chartered accountant and lawyer turned corporate finance consultant Rhondalyn Korolak claims it has used the term Financial Foreplay since 2009 in its work advising large corporations, registering it as a trademark in 2016.


Korolak is now seeking damages.

After months of legal letters, Campbell posted her “exciting news” about her podcasts on Instagram. Without mentioning Korolak’s claims, Campbell told her thousands of followers that she was changing the name to Financial Firepower.

“I don’t want to be among the people who abuse or degrade the word ‘foreplay’, especially around the sanctity of sex, especially for women,” she wrote.

Campbell, who has publicly criticized social media influencers for their apparent lack of transparency when promoting products online, directed PS’s demands to his attorney Andrew Taylor, who said his client “takes the allegations extremely seriously.” serious “.

Korolak, who estimated he’s spent $80,000 in legal fees so far, told PS, “It’s my obligation to protect my identity in business and in trade. That’s why I had no choice but to take legal action.

Difficult getaway

Oops. Was it something we wrote? Ever since PS revealed Lachlan and Sarah MurdochSydney’s fabulous new superyacht, the $30m+ ​​classic mid-century dream liner Istrosheading for port interest in the ship reached fever pitch.

Remarkable Cruising: Lachlan and Sarah Murdoch's new superaycht Istros is hard to miss in Sydney Harbour.

Remarkable Cruising: Lachlan and Sarah Murdoch’s new superaycht Istros is hard to miss in Sydney Harbour.Credit:Nine News

But it can be hard to find some privacy, as the Murdochs discovered last week, with helicopters and drones hovering overhead and taking videos and photos of what was supposed to be a maiden voyage. discreet.

Big fish, small pond.

Jenny the budding florist

If it was good enough for Eliza Doolittleit’s definitely good enough for jenny morissonwho may soon be using her newly honed skills as a florist to bring home the bacon now that her husband Scomo is out of work.

Flower Lady: Jenny Morrison with Sydney Rose King Joe Nati.

Flower Lady: Jenny Morrison with Sydney Rose King Joe Nati.Credit:Facebook

Jenny Morrison was spotted at the Sydney Flower Markets with the ‘King of Roses’, joe natiin April.

PS learns that she finished a floristry course around the same time.

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