Lake Development Authority will continue to excel under a new name



News-Herald reporters have probably all interviewed people whose job titles are so long that you wonder how they could fit all of that identifying information on a business card.

As an organization, the Lake County Ohio Port and Economic Development Authority has had the same problem for a long time.

Let’s face it, the name of the entity was long. Even the acronym LCOPEDA was an oversized mouthful of alphabet soup. LCOPEDA doesn’t get out of the tongue as quickly and smoothly as acronyms like NFL, FBI, or CVS.

But the Lake County Ohio Port and Economic Development Authority recently took a big step in the right direction to make sure its name is easier to recite and remember.

The Board of Directors officially changed the name of the organization to Lake Development Authority.

A six-month rebranding process included aspects of strategic planning, situational analysis and identity discovery exercises.

“We wanted to create a sustainable organizational brand that represents who we are and what we do,” said CEO David E. Anderson. “Our old name was indicative of what we do, but it was a mouthful, very bulky. Therefore, most people simply called us “the port”, which did not represent all of the development activities we were involved in.

According to its mission statement, the goal of the Lake Development Authority is to accelerate the rise of community prosperity in Lake County, through tailored advice and resources in the areas of funding, partnership, spaces. , transport and community, helping businesses and municipalities. to thrive.

“One of the key concepts that emerged during this process was acceleration,” said Chairman of the Board Art Lindrose. “More than just support for our municipal and commercial partners, we want to be an accelerator, bringing development projects to fruition.

The new logo illustrates the idea of ​​accelerating the rising tide of prosperity, added Patrick Mohorcic, deputy director of planning and development.

“This concept is now at the heart of our thinking and we wanted our new image to reflect it,” he said.

The Lake County Port Authority was created by Lake County Commissioners in 2007 to take advantage of the economic development tools and powers given to port authorities by the revised Ohio Code.

“As the Ohio Port Authority, we can promote economic development by helping capital investments made in Lake County and helping fund projects in a variety of ways,” said Tim Cahill, deputy director of public finances and financial director.

“This includes the issuance of taxable and tax-exempt bonds, sales tax exemption savings through a capital lease structure, and access to capital markets and other sources of financing.” at national and local level. ”

Since its inception, the Port Authority has issued over $ 136 million in bonds.

The rebranding effort also resulted in a new logo for the Lake County Executive Airport.

Formerly Lost Nation Airport, the general aviation airport has been under county sponsorship since 2014 and is operated by the Lake Development Authority.

“The name change and adoption of a new logo, along with the new airport master plan, provided vision and direction for the airport,” said Patty Fulop, airport manager. “We will continue to develop the airport into a first-class, first-class, well-maintained facility that can serve residents and have a critical economic impact in Lake County.”

Commissioner John Hamercheck believes the new name of the organization is a welcome change.

“It once again underscores Lake County’s continued commitment to economic development and improving the quality of life for all residents of Lake County,” he said.

Commissioner John Plecnik echoed his colleague, praising the organization for its “long-term vision and commitment” to expanding its reach to attract new businesses to Lake County.

“As one of 13 ‘Lake’ counties in the United States, (the announcement of the name change) will help us separate ourselves from the rest when it comes to attracting talent, creating jobs. and overall economic prosperity, ”Plecnik said.

Although the name of the Lake Development Authority is new, the News-Herald is confident that the organization will not leave behind its tradition of doing exceptional work to support the region’s economy.

So we hope everyone gets used to the name of the Lake Development Authority. We are confident that you will be hearing and reading about the organization and its accomplishments for many years to come.



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