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HONG KONG, 25 August 2021 / PRNewswire / – Like China Recovering from the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, online healthcare plays a key role in ensuring a healthy and strong future for individuals, businesses and communities. Ping a good doctor (1833.HK), one of the leading online medical and healthcare service platforms in China, led the way and recently delivered a strong financial performance for the first half of the year, completing a comprehensive strategic upgrade that has enabled the company to improve its services and capabilities, as well as different channels through which it interfaces with users.

In six months, Ping a good doctor won 3.818 billion RMB of turnover, up 39% compared to the same period last year. Clearly, internet health services are now part of the new standard for residents when it comes to seeking a medical consultation. The turnover of medical services amounts to 1.067 billion RMB representing growth of 50.6% over one year.

Ping a good doctor now has more than 400 million registered users under the platform; cumulative paid users increased 69.6% to 32.1 million from the figure for the interim period of the previous year. Other verticals such as Consumer Healthcare also contributed to the overall growth.

Ping a good doctor has focused on three medical specialties over the past year – dermatology, traditional Chinese medicine, and gynecology and obstetrics. Ping a good doctor brought together over 100 renowned specialists in these fields with 24/7 online consultation services offered by an in-house medical team complemented by renowned physicians. Users have access to a wide range of services such as consultations, prescription, medication guides, interpretation of results and follow-up care available at home.

The internal medical team was tasked with taking ownership of the health outcomes and acting as account managers with medical knowledge. As such, they seek to provide a dedicated lifelong GP for each client across four specific scenarios – health management, sub-health management, disease management, and chronic disease management.

Constantly expanding user acquisition channels

As the demand for online healthcare increases, Ping a good doctor has also expanded its capacity with its network of external physicians. Over 70% of doctors are from tertiary hospitals, while the company has also launched 450 Famous Doctor Studios, creating a four-tier network of doctors, supported by an AI-based medical assistant, in-house medical team providing basic services in response to the common health care demand. , outpatient physicians who are the backbone of clinical teams are responding to primary patient demand, and celebrity physician studios are building a professional image, which has worked remarkably well. Likewise, incubation efforts are underway to create a similar ecosystem for other medical specialties such as ophthalmology, pediatrics, internal medicine, and surgery.

Perhaps the highlight of the previous semester was the expansion of user acquisition channels that enables the Ping An Group to deliver customer-centric financial services. High-value users have been acquired through financial services channels and corporate customer channels such as insurance, integrated financial services (such as Ping a bank and Ping An Puhui) and corporate health insurance plans offered by related business units that are part of the Ping An group. Ping a good doctor has offered these users medical membership products, check-ups, and health management and other services to attract high quality customers.

Ping a good doctor has also developed client businesses by providing personalized products comprising the needs of employers and employees while keeping in mind the specific industry attributes and conditions of the employees. By reducing the cost of employee medical treatments for employers and formulating personalized health management solutions, Ping a good doctor has become a privileged health partner of employers and a faithful guardian of the health of companies and employees.

Ultimately, Ping An Good Doctor’s The development of Internet hospital has also made remarkable progress as it has been authorized to develop Internet hospitals on a self-build model in 10 cities and has signed co-construction agreements with 205 hospitals to build platforms. -Internet hospital forms. Such platforms combine extensive medical resources, medical resources, and user traffic resources with influential offline public hospitals. They enable offline to online connection in offline hospitals, connecting online and offline services and establishing a diagnostic and treatment system covering the entire medical treatment process for users living in remote areas. Ping a good doctor will continue work on this front and even link to local social health insurance payment systems.

In summary, Ping a good doctor has benefited from a growing awareness and confidence in Internet health services among users and has reaped the dividends from previous strategic investments. Not only did this allow Ping a good doctor to post a remarkable performance in the main operational and financial indicators, it remains confident in maintaining a robust growth dynamic and a balanced performance in all business segments.

As the first online health services platform in China, Ping a good doctor will continue to build bridges between physicians and patients and will continue to build an internet healthcare platform with the largest scale, the most advanced models and the highest barriers to entry into China.

SOURCE Ping An Healthcare and Technology Company Limited

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