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Redfin provides predictive fire, heat, drought and storm risk data for every location page on its site, to address buyers’ concerns about climate change.

In April, nearly eight in ten respondents to a Redfin survey said the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events affected their home search.

“A home is a huge financial investment, and these days consumers see too many examples of climate-related risks like fires, floods and heat waves, ”Christian Taubman, Redfin’s chief growth officer, said in a press release.

ClimateCheck, a company that measures climate disaster risk by location, provides the information to Redfin. It calculates a score from 0 to 100 for the county, city, neighborhood and zip code where each property is located.

These ratings are based on both the future risk of an area and how that risk is expected to evolve over the life of a 30-year mortgage. The model predicts a higher risk for areas expected to experience more dramatic changes – compared to those already experiencing such hazards – as this reflects the challenges and cost of adjusting to climate change and the increased pressure on them. local infrastructure.

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