New Postclick CEO Discusses Company’s Latest Funding


As for notable announcements, the marketing technology company Post-click maintains a steady pace lately.

A few weeks after the March news that COO Mark McKenna had been elevated to the position of CEO of the company, Postclick shared that it had provided additional funding, this time to the tune of $20 million.

With the funding, Postclick hopes to capitalize on its platform to help advertisers McKenna described as “frustrated” with the low rate of visitors turning into customers.

“We are confident that our platform can deliver immediate and lasting improvements to these conversion rates,” McKenna said. “Our recent funding has helped Postclick get into position to help them faster.”

To help support the platform’s goals, McKenna said funds will be raised for hiring, advertising and other needs.

So what’s on the horizon? In contact with Built In Austin, McKenna disclosed both the decision to raise funds and how the capital will position Postclick to act on its goals.

Marc McKenna


When was your last funding round, how much did you raise, and how much funding has your company now raised in total?

We’ve had three rounds of funding. We raised $1.5 million in seed funding, $15 million in funding from Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital and now $20 million from Bridge Bank for a total of $36.5 million.

Why did your team feel the time was right to raise a round of funding?

It was a combination of a very favorable time to raise capital and our desire to get to market sooner rather than later with our new Advertising Conversion Cloud platform. Our customers and potential customers are very frustrated with the massive inefficiency of conversion rates on their digital ad spend.

We are using the funding to bring our new platform to market and continue to scale it. »

How do you intend to deploy this capital?

We are using the funding to commercialize our new platform and continue to evolve it. This effort involves adding 40-50 Postclickers to the team, aggressive publicity efforts to raise awareness of our capabilities, and continuing to add more automation to the platform.


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