Plum officials maintain line on taxes for 2022


Plum owners will not have to pay more property taxes due to the borough’s budget for the coming year.

Borough officials kept their focus on taxes when council voted unanimously this month to pass its 2022 spending plan. The mile rate remains at 4.78 miles.

Income was estimated at approximately $ 14.065 million and expenses at approximately $ 14.169 million. That’s a shortfall of just under $ 104,000.

The borough intends to draw on its reserve fund of nearly $ 2.5 million to balance the budget without increasing taxes.

No discounts are provided for services or events such as Movies in the Park, Summer Fest, Fall Fest, and Christmas at Plum Creek.

“All of these things go into the operation of the borough,” said council chairman Dave Odom. “This budget which was approved met with no opposition… It did not receive any negative reaction from the public.

The Council’s budget vote took place on December 13.

It is available for review at the Borough office, 4575 New Texas Road.

Projected revenues include approximately $ 4.631 million in property taxes, $ 4.841 in local enabling taxes, $ 2.268 million in municipal services, $ 1.384 million in intergovernmental revenues and $ 778,200 in license permits.

Planned spending includes approximately $ 5.79 million for police, including $ 2.288 million in salaries for full-time officers and $ 383,000 in police administration salaries; $ 1.75 million for public works; $ 1.278 million for administration, including $ 638,000 in salaries for eight full-time employees; $ 446,600 for recreation; $ 421,000 for the borough’s construction costs; $ 240,100 for information technology; and $ 175,000 for legal services.

The borough plans to spend just over $ 1 million on paving over the next year.

It has been the award for at least several years as Plum continues to make improvements to streets throughout the borough.

About $ 230,000 of street improvements is allocated to the general budget, with the remainder coming from the state’s liquid fuel tax fund.

Nearly $ 1 million in capital improvement spending is planned, including capital leases on two Ford Explorers for the police department, a new pickup for the community development department, a new excavator Bobcat for public works, a new pavilion roof at Renton Park and HVAC upgrades at the Plum Community Library.

This money comes from a separate capital improvement fund and has no impact on the general fund budget.

The borough obtained a tax anticipation note of $ 1.5 million at a rate of 2% through Standard Bank. A tax anticipation note is a loan that most municipalities take out in order to have cash on hand for the first few months of the year to start collecting tax money.

Odom said he did not anticipate the council would take advantage of it, unless there was an emergency.

He congratulated his colleagues and directors, including CFO Michael Whitico, for their work on the budget.

“All of this is really a testament to the exceptional tax management we have with our borough staff,” said Odom.

Whitico made a budget presentation at the November workshop meeting. It was posted on the borough’s website YouTube page. It starts around the 31 minute mark.

Borough director Michael Thomas said the borough’s revenue had not been affected by the pandemic and that solid tax planning in recent years has put Plum on a solid financial footing.

“I think it’s good budget management,” he said. … We are fortunate to experience growth.

Thomas said there were around 12,000 properties in Plum, including around 10,500 homes and over 1,000 businesses.

He noted that there will be increased focus on water quality management next year, including the inspection of all retention ponds.

The last time the taxes were increased was in 2016, by a thousand, to strengthen its EMS department and for the improvement of roads.

The ambulance company was able to purchase new equipment the following year due to increased revenue.

Michael DiVittorio is a writer for Tribune-Review. You can contact Michael at 412-871-2367, [email protected] or via Twitter .


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