Prominent Turkish woman Ayesha Aldongan talks about the changing financial landscape as a money manager in the commodity stock market.


At just 19, Ayesha Aldongan graduated from business school with degrees in statistics, finance and operations research. She worked at Global Capital where she was a partner and portfolio manager. Ayesha is a hedge fund manager and chief investment officer of a $650 million hedge fund specializing in energy, agricultural and equity commodities.

Senior Finance Manager with 6 years of experience, also having business Managing a portfolio of clients around the world for long and short term success and trying to drive client activities on social media with monitoring tools and social media promotion, Analyze currency risk, dealer risk and credit risk, assessing risk interactions and root causes, identifying alternative risk mitigation strategies.

Ayesha Aldongan decided to move from the banking world to a fast-growing portfolio management startup to learn more and expand her capabilities. She believes she will be an effective member of the team to carry out the growing business operations and she has shared her success story in several countries and is currently working on her first book Woman and Investment. She showed that good trading is not strictly for men and they are ushering in a new breed of female traders who will undoubtedly disrupt and reshape the trading industry.

She is currently a partner and current Commercial Manager of A1portfolio Investment, a company operating in the field of direct manufacturing and earning profits through stock trading and solar energy mining to create profits for the company and pour stable capital to investors, in recent years, as people have realized the growing popularity of the stock market, they adhere to the seven principles of halal stock investment. These seven rules serve as the foundation of our ethical philosophy.

Ayesha has helped increase the wealth of her clients in a halal and responsible way. The word “halal stock” in its simplest form means “allowed”. If an object or action is designated as halal, its use is considered permitted.


“I highly recommend Ayesha Aldongan, if you really want your money to work for you. A wonderful woman to deal with is very professional and provides a fantastic level of personal customer service,” said Khan Muhammad (Pakistan)

“Your diligence is why we investors trust you. You are not here to make a quick buck, you are looking after our best interests. Thank you Ayesha Aldongan,” said Demirci Erdogan (Turkey)

“Aldongan Ayesha is generous with her time. She really tries to help me understand my financial situation, and that gives me some comfort. I appreciate his clarification,” said Joyce Neil (South African)

“By investing with Ayesha Aldongan, I can refer people to her with confidence!” said MD Rakiboul (Saudi Arabia)

“I am happy to look back on investing with Ayesha Aldongan, for the past six months. You have always been exceptional – extremely conscientious and ethical,” said by Ken Akbas (USA)

“Mashalallah Ayesha Aldogan for running a very good company with transparency and ethics!” said Aslam Karim (Pakistan)

“Ayesha understands the anxieties that come with investing and at every meeting manages to reassure the client that they walk away with a positive feeling about the future.” said Mrs. Lorna Harry (UNITED STATES)

“You are very professional” said Al Shehhi (Dubai)

“You only have to look at your investment to see how well it is maintained. Thank you A. Aldongan. says Acharya Patel (India)

“I am very pleased with the growth of my investment and the outstanding professional support from Ayesha Aldogan,” said Helena (UK)

“As a very busy executive, I have entrusted Madam Ayesha Aldongan with some of my investments over the past few years. She has consistently beaten my return expectations and advised me on time when to make appropriate changes to my portfolio to minimize my exposure to a particular asset class,” said Rasheed (Bangladesh)

“It’s nice to feel that your financial advisors have your interests at heart and that you are not treated like a customer number” says Yahya (UK)

“I started investing in mutual funds 1 year ago through A1 Portfolio Investment. I was immediately impressed with the transparency and honesty I felt in dealing with Ayesha Aldongan,” said Patel Ahuja (India)

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