Stonecrest town manager terminates ‘professional service agreement’


Stonecrest Town Hall (FOX 5)

Stonecrest, the largest city in DeKalb County, opposes a major government reshuffle as it announces the departure of the city manager.

Janice Allen Jackson was hired as interim city manager in April 2021 and has enlisted her consulting firm, Janice Allen Jackson & Associates, LLC, to help find candidates to fill key city positions over the course of of the last 17 months. The “professional service agreement” ended Tuesday, the city said in a statement.

“The Mayor and City Council would like to thank Ms. Jackson for her service to the City, its residents and stakeholders. We wish her well in her future endeavours,” the statement read in part.

Jackson saw the town of Stonecrest through a scandal that led to the resignation of its mayor. Jason Lary resigned as mayor in January and was sentenced by a federal judge to four years for stealing COVID-19 relief funds in July.

In court, Lary admitted to stealing nearly $1 million in relief money by demanding that needy Stonecrest churches and businesses donate part of their grants to businesses he controlled.

The state legislature would subsequently strip the office of mayor of most of its power, returning it to the city manager.

“Acting Deputy City Manager Gerald Sanders and City Chief Financial Officer Gia Scruggs will continue to oversee the administration, operations and finances of the City,” the statement continued.

The city said it plans to search for a replacement.


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