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Tiphereth’s first-ever success celebration was recently held for students who had completed their Skills Accreditation Program courses with @BordersCollege.

It was held recently in the main hall of Tiphereth and the attendance was overwhelming! So many parents, families and carers of the student were able to accompany staff and other members and there was a real buzz in the air.

The ceremony was launched with a traditional Camphill song, led by Tiphereth’s Chief Financial Officer, Peter Beaven, with the entire audience. Tiphereth’s Skills for Growth Coordinator, Carey Leslie, gave a short speech, talking about all the hard work of the students, the amazing tutors, and the other colleagues in the gardening group.

The staff took the stage to welcome the students. The cooking students had taken a course in how to follow a recipe and had spent many months honing their cooking skills. They used their skills to organize two events, the Valentine’s Day Social and the Parents and Caregivers Forum Social Dinner.

Successful students included Andrew Howard, Chris MacDonald, Gregor Manson, Catriona Hodder, Craig Heatly, Daniel Houliston, Ruairi Mitchison and Alistair Holligan. They all took the stage to receive their framed certificates.

Dora Kalenderian was then welcomed as the new Skills for Growth Coordinator who will continue with students who are still working on their courses and will help enroll many new students for next year.

Borders College SAP counselor Liz King commented:

“It was a pleasure to help Carey Leslie, Skills for Growth Coordinator, deliver the Skills Accreditation program and recognize learner achievement in chosen units.

“Carey has worked with several groups of learners, developing and assessing their skills and knowledge in subjects ranging from cooking to horticulture.

“The first group of learners completed their cooking unit in June 2022. Their fantastic online portfolios highlighted the practice, progress and development of cooking and food presentation skills. The ceremony was the perfect opportunity to celebrate these achievements.

“Plans for more learners to undertake units are now underway, with potential choices including pottery, computer skills and developing a hobby.”

After the ceremony, everyone stayed to chat, drink refreshments and browse student portfolios, but the highlight of the day came when the last of the cooking students, Ruairi Mitchison, burst through the door. He had been held back but arrived just in time for the end of the ceremony. Everyone took their places and he received the biggest applause of the day!

Congratulations to all the students for their hard work and dedication.

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