Top-performing ‘retailer turned fund manager’ Richard Thalheimer reveals investment formula in best-selling book, The Sharper Investor


SAN FRANCISCO, December 7, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Richard Thalheimer – who created and built The Sharper Image – has an investment performance record that has topped almost all funds in the United States.

Founder and Former CEO, The Sharper Image Reveals Investment Formula

Its winning formula is shared in his new book, allowing households investors to generate returns of 30 to 50% per year.

Richard thalheimer, The Founder and Former CEO of The Sharper Image, Richard thalheimer had an enviable track record in selecting retail product winners. His company achieved nearly $ 1 billion in sales, 200 retail stores and a famous catalog before retiring and devoting full time to stock market investments.

Its private investment vehicle, The Sharper Fund, set an exceptional five-year record, achieving an average annual portfolio return of 110% for the period. January 1, 2016, To December 31, 2020, while almost reaching $ 400 million in assets under management.

2021 has also been an exceptional year to date, with an additional 51% increase in the fund compared to January 1, 2021 To November 30, 2021.

He describes these returns as exceptionally good and says it’s not hard to achieve – using the winning formula presented in his new book The smarter investor – The winning formula that increases your returns.

Thalheimer sharing real stories, successful formulas and advice in the book, showing how family investors can produce 30 to 50% returns per year, with various portfolios from $ 20,000 Where $ 200 million.

The formula combines expert advice on stock selection and prudent use of options designed to maximize returns while minimizing losses.

It’s a quick and enjoyable read, with down-to-earth language, real life examples, and stories from his trading. Readers will understand Richard’s new way of selecting stocks and reviewing investments, using simple techniques and straightforward analysis for better performance, enjoying instant liquidity, and reducing income taxes to virtually zero.

The book reached # 1 in 4 categories on Amazon just in the pre-launch phase. The # 1 bestseller is now available in hardcover, paperback, Kindle and Audible on at The Sharper Investor – The Winning Formula That Boosts Your Returns.

For more information visit their website on investing or check out The Sharper Image’s nostalgia at

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