Treasury Department refutes Tycoon’s ‘billionaire tax-saved’ claim


TEMPO.CO, Jakarta On Wednesday, a special staff member of the Ministry of Finance, Yustinus Prastowo, responded to a public statement by tycoon and chairman of CT Corp, Chairul Tanjung, on the occasion of the 2022 commemoration. Tax Day who claimed that there are billionaires who are unaffected by taxes to this day.

Prastowo, August 3, thinks there is a slim chance that such a claim is true nowadays. “What I suspect is that [Chairul Tanjung] must have a primary source, but when he did reveal it, it may have been based on outdated data.

Prastowo stood by his statement because he believed the government had twice implemented tax amnesty programs or voluntary disclosure programs. He also argued that there is a law preventing such a thing from happening in the government regulation in lieu of Law No. 1/2017 monitoring access to financial information for tax purposes.

“And now there is a requirement from Bank Indonesia, as far as I know, that depositors, customers, debtors must have NPWP, most likely trillions will have NPWP,” he said. declared. An NPWP is a tax identification number unique to every Indonesian citizen.

However, Prastowo called on anyone, including tycoon Chairul Tanjung, to provide information to the government if they have evidence of people failing to pay their taxes, including wealthy businessmen.

“We firmly believe that Chairul Tanjung’s good intentions are encouraging our mutual awareness. It is better that the latest accurate data is submitted, I am sure that the General Directorate of Taxation will follow up in an impartial and fair manner,” a- he added.

Tanjung revealed it during the Tax Day 2022 event in front of a large audience, which also included Finance Minister Sri Mulyani. “I know that exactly because I’m a banker. The money is hundreds of billions and trillions. Comparing mine to their money, they have more than me, but they haven’t been touched [by tax]“, he said last month.


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