Webinar on Financial Inclusion for Women Entrepreneurs


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Nearly sixty women entrepreneurs recently benefited from a webinar aimed at giving them the knowledge they need to access financing for their business.

The webinar, titled “Financial Inclusion for Women Entrepreneurs,” was organized by the Taiwan Technical Mission (TTM) in collaboration with the Eastern Caribbean Partial Credit Guarantee Corporation (ECPCGC).

The webinar hosts were Carmen Gomez-Trigg, Managing Director of the Eastern Caribbean Partial Credit Guarantee Corporation (ECPCGC), and Catherine Charles, Specialist at the Saint Lucia Development Bank (SLDB).

The two facilitators explained how participants can benefit from funding offered by their respective agencies and answered questions from participants.

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Taiwan’s Ambassador to Saint Lucia, HE Peter Chia-yen Chen, expressed satisfaction with the high number of female entrepreneurs who joined the webinar.

He also thanked Hon. Emma Hippolyte, Minister of Commerce, for the promotion of women and youth empowerment projects.

“Minister Hippolyte and her team at the Ministry of Commerce have helped a lot in gathering resources for micro, small and medium enterprises and supporting women’s enterprises,” Ambassador Chen said during his brief speech.

“Taiwan will continue to work with the government of Saint Lucia to promote youth and women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship in Saint Lucia.”

Hon. Emma Hippolyte, Minister of Trade, Manufacturing, Business Development, Cooperatives and Consumer Affairs, said women make up more than half of Saint Lucia’s population.

Despite this, she said the economic impact of women is not felt to the same extent as that of their male counterparts. Hon. Hippolyte encouraged women entrepreneurs to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Women’s Economic Empowerment Guarantee project.

“The outcome of this webinar will seek to empower (women) for financial inclusion or consideration in the economy of Saint Lucia,” she said during the webinar.

Hon. Hippolyte thanked the representatives of ECPCGC and SLDB for their participation in the webinar which raised awareness among women entrepreneurs about the Taiwan-sponsored youth and women’s empowerment project and available financial services.

She also thanked Taiwan for its continued support to Saint Lucia.

“We are eternally grateful to Ambassador Chen and the people of Taiwan for their continued support that they have provided,” said the Hon. said Hippolyte.

“We have seen the great strides that women are making to gain financial independence and therefore the gender inequality gap for financial inclusion should be a thing of the past.”

According to the World Bank, the financial inclusion of women contributes significantly to their economic empowerment and gender equality.

Recognizing this, TaiwanICDF decided to fund the Women’s Economic Empowerment Project
Guarantee Project, a regional technical assistance project, which aims to build the capacity of women MSMEs in selected ECCB member countries to assess financial services provided by local financial institutions.

To implement this project, TaiwanICDF and ECPCGC entered into an online agreement on March 30, 2022, amounting to US$5 million.

Taiwan has also launched a three-month business incubation program, a component of the Upskilling Academy Jennès program, aimed at training young and female start-up entrepreneurs.

It consists of seminars, workshops, and hands-on projects that are structured to continually increase participants’ knowledge.

The practical component of this business incubator program allows aspirants
entrepreneurs to successfully launch and manage a start-up within an incubator

Source: Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan)

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